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Thank you for an excellent and timely company valuation.  Our small company was quoted $2500 from an associate of our corporate attorney and $6500 from an associate of our accountant.  I informed both that I would "" for $399.00.  I forwarded your final report to them and both were impressed.  Our attorney mentioned that your report was more professional looking than others he has received for larger corporations. 

I will definitely be using your services again next year.


Marketing&Sales Corp

Our 3 family companies needed quick, accurate appraisals to set initial values for updated buy-sell agreements.    We'd been required to pay nearly $ 5,000 for a single appraisal some years ago so I was delighted to find and figured it was at least worth a try to judge the quality of the process & product.
The reports James provided are thorough, accurate and equally important, make sense to us.   They were also completed in a very timely manner.
I'm confident these reports will support our business valuation today and we will be able to afford regular updates in the future.
I will not hesitate to use for our future needs.

Lisa Kurtz Luciano
Kurtz Bros., Inc.
Cleveland, OH
"Thank you for all your hard work!  I really appreciate it!."
Lisbeth Merrett
Civil Engineering Company

"Thanks James.  Your service is really an excellent value! "
Phil Herring
"Business Matter Valuation provided a valuation report in just a few days - reliable results at an unbeatable price."
John Grant
Computer Network Support Company

"Great advice and insight at an unbeatable price. Once I saw what my business was worth, I quickly implemented the business succession that I had been considering for three years."
Joel Jutovsky
Grocery Wholesaling Firm
Good job on the valuation. In will be using you again.
Kevin Ryan

"Give onlinebusinessvaluation a chance to show you how powerful their services are. I was skeptical of what they could deliver for their prices, but I had already experienced the alternative – paying 10 times more to a local firm and getting a report that was used once and then forgotten. So, I gave Business Matter Valuation a try. Beyond being fast, affordable, and easy to use, they helped me think strategically about the value of my business. And that is priceless!"
Jon Saphier
Educational Consulting Firm

Login Questionnaire was launched by Business Matter Valuation, a company established and dedicated to providing high-quality professional services to its clients from all 50 states.

We are confident that our service on offer the best value within the business valuation industry. We are confident that our professional and independent Business Valuation  Report will save you both time and money. In fact, we offer a money-back guarantee.
Business Valuation Appraisal $399
Fast & Professional, Independent Business Valuation

"What's my business worth ?" "Is the price right ?"

A professional and independent business valuation is essential to reporting compliance (IRS, IRA, form 5500, 401(k), 409a, Gift), selling a business, buying a business or fulfilling your due diligence requirements.

A business broker or seller typically arrives at an asking price by using '"rules of thumb'" .Nevertheless, though such rules of thumb can be useful, they alone cannot accurately determine a business's value. No two businesses are identical ; consequently, independent analysis is required to determine the correct value of each business.

Let us help you define the selling price of your business with a business valuation based on an assessment by independent professionals. We offer the best value in the business valuation industry, hence our success. Our professional and independent business valuation report can definitely save you money and time.

Business valuations for small businesses and professional practices are challenging to complete. Professional expertise is required to capture the true economic reality of the company and to make the necessary adjustments to the balance sheets and profit & loss statements. Thus, generic software packages and automatic or do-it-yourself business valuations found on the Internet are useless.

A professional business valuation normally costs thousands of dollars, which is an expense that few small-to-medium businesses and professional practices can afford. However,, we offer dramatically reduced fees.You will receive a tailored 50+ page business valuation within three working days for only $399 plus a money-back guarantee.

Business valuation methods used to appraise your business offers you professional expertise from an experienced team of business valuers plus access to multiple databases. uses the following five groups of business valuation
strategies to USPAP standartds 9 & 10:

- Discounted economic income methods,
- Capitalized economic income methods,
- Comparative transaction methods,
- Asset accumulation methods, and
- Capitalized excess earning methods.

We professionally choose methods from at least three out of the five groups to value your company and produce your business valuation report.

Our Warranty makes this transaction completely risk free

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our professionally tailored business valuation Report. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason and we cannot provide the revisions that you expect, we will immediately provide a full refund.

The Business Valuation Process :

Step one : Completing the business valuation Questionnaire

As soon as you place your order with us, we will email you a login and password, which you will use to access to our user-friendly questionnaire.This questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you need to interrupt your session, you can save the information that you have already provided and finish later.

This Questionnaire will cover all relevant topics including :

  • Your corporate Identity
  • The purpose of the valuation from one of the following choices:
    • To establish a price for a transaction,
    • To report Due diligence,
    • To optimize Business planning,
    • To file IRS dispute,IRA, form 5500, 401(k), 409a, Gift
    • To settle a Divorce,
    • to attract capital,
    • to assist estate and gift planning, or
    • Meet governmental requirements.
  • The Nature of the Business
  • Real estate and other adjustments to your balance sheet
  • Compensation to the owners and non-recurrent incomes.
Additionally, you will be asked to upload your financial statements and any relevant documents, such as balance sheets and profit & loss statements, in Excel, QuickBooks, or MYOB formats.

Step two : Verifying business valuation inputs and assumptions

We will contact you if we need to confirm or complete the valuation inputs and assumptions to ensure that all special circumstances have been incorporated into the final valuation.

Step three : Our expert Valuers will begin the business valuation

Our expert valuers will adjust your financial statements to capture the true economic value of your company by choosing a combination of business valuation methods that are best suited to your business activity. We use up to 22 business valuation methods that emphasize on discounted cash flow (DCF) methods.

  • Income Approaches (4 methods)
    • Income-based methods determine the probable future income of the business and capitalize this income stream to determine the business' value. The adjusted or normalized income stream, which is the probable future income stream, is determined by adjusting each revenue and expense item on the income statement (to its probable future value over the near term.) Capitalizing the income stream involves determining an appropriate discount rate to apply to the income stream to arrive at its present value. The present value of the income stream in a profitable business is what gives the business its highest and best value. In a profitable, closely held business, income-based methods are usually the best to use.
  • Market Approaches (12 methods)
    • These methods use data from comparable business sales to determine the value of a business.
  • Cost Approaches (3 methods)
    • These methods include adjusting each asset and liability on the balance sheet to its fair market value, Values are then summed. This approach ignores the earnings of a business and should receive minimal attention when valuing ongoing closely held businesses that generate earnings by selling products or rendering services. Asset-based methods are appropriate for businesses whose principal function is to manage income-producing assets such as bank holding companies.
  • Custom Methods
    • These methods have been developed over time by Business Matter Valuation and are exclusive to this company.

During the business valuation process for, we will access extensive and comprehensive industry-specific databases - including Bizcomp, RMA, SBBI and IRS corporate ratio - in order to generate a cash-flow-based business valuation for any company in one of the 981 non-agricultural industry sectors in the United States. These databases allow us to compare your business to similar ones with similar sales transactions.

Step four : Writing the Business Valuation Report

After this comprehensive analysis of your business is complete, our expert business valuers will produce your tailored business valuation Report, which explains in detail our professional opinion related to the market value of your company. Your report will include a letter of opinion, that states the value of your business and our justification for that opinion.

We will also send you an electronic copy of your comprehensive Report, plus with a cover letter and a letter of opinion signed by our chairman.

We offer the best value for the money in the business valuation industry, hence our success. Our professional and independent business valuation Report will definitely save you money and time.