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Thank you for an excellent and timely company valuation.  Our small company was quoted $2500 from an associate of our corporate attorney and $6500 from an associate of our accountant.  I informed both that I would "" for $399.00.  I forwarded your final report to them and both were impressed.  Our attorney mentioned that your report was more professional looking than others he has received for larger corporations. 

I will definitely be using your services again next year.


Marketing&Sales Corp

Our 3 family companies needed quick, accurate appraisals to set initial values for updated buy-sell agreements.    We'd been required to pay nearly $ 5,000 for a single appraisal some years ago so I was delighted to find and figured it was at least worth a try to judge the quality of the process & product.
The reports James provided are thorough, accurate and equally important, make sense to us.   They were also completed in a very timely manner.
I'm confident these reports will support our business valuation today and we will be able to afford regular updates in the future.
I will not hesitate to use for our future needs.

Lisa Kurtz Luciano
Kurtz Bros., Inc.
Cleveland, OH
"Thank you for all your hard work!  I really appreciate it!."
Lisbeth Merrett
Civil Engineering Company

"Thanks James.  Your service is really an excellent value! "
Phil Herring
"Business Matter Valuation provided a valuation report in just a few days - reliable results at an unbeatable price."
John Grant
Computer Network Support Company

"Great advice and insight at an unbeatable price. Once I saw what my business was worth, I quickly implemented the business succession that I had been considering for three years."
Joel Jutovsky
Grocery Wholesaling Firm
Good job on the valuation. In will be using you again.
Kevin Ryan

"Give onlinebusinessvaluation a chance to show you how powerful their services are. I was skeptical of what they could deliver for their prices, but I had already experienced the alternative – paying 10 times more to a local firm and getting a report that was used once and then forgotten. So, I gave Business Matter Valuation a try. Beyond being fast, affordable, and easy to use, they helped me think strategically about the value of my business. And that is priceless!"
Jon Saphier
Educational Consulting Firm

Business Valuation for Multiple Purposes E-mail

Business Valuation for Multiple Purposes

The situation can become tricky when the same business valuation / Business Appraisal is intended to be used for two or more different purposes. For example, a business valuation / Business Appraisal for the purpose of selling the company or attracting outside investment capital may contain speculative elements based on future potential that may be acceptable to a risk-oriented investor but not acceptable to a court charged with determining value under some set of statutory stan- dards and legal precedents.

As noted earlier, business valuations pursuant to buy-sell agreements can be just as arbitrary as the parties mutually agree to make them, but such business valuations will not necessarily (or even usually) be appropriate for de- termining property settlements in divorces or estate and inheritance taxes. Setting a value for a tender offer to buy out minority shareholders is quite a different matter from setting a price at which to effect a squeeze- out merger, in which all the stockholders are required to sell, whether they like it or not. A valuation for a tender offer may be at a lower price than a business valuation for a squeeze-out merger. If so, and that business valuation is subsequently used for a squeeze-out merger, a dissenting stockholder suit is likely to follow. Thebusiness valuation professional should provide his client with considerable guidance on when a certain business valuation procedure will be suitable for two or more specific contemplated uses and when it will not. When in doubt, seek professional business valuation advice.